Lead Magnets in Law Firm Marketing

Using lead magnets to power client acquisition

A lead magnet is valuable content that potential clients can download (usually at no cost) from your website once they have entered their name and email address into a lead capture web form.   

A lead magnet is usually downloadable digital content. However, a lead magnet may be other types of content, such as access to videos, a free consultation, or a webinar etc. 

Lead magnets serve five important roles: 

  • They can be advertised
  • They can attract potential clients to your website
  • They enable you to learn more about your website visitors and potential clients
  • They provide you with the contact details of potential clients
  • They enable you to enter potential clients into automated nurturing programs 

Once a potential client has requested a lead magnet, you will be able to recognise the problem they need to solve, and hence provide them with the additional information they require as they move through their client journey.

“How To Grow Your Law Firm” by Gerald Chait provides a detailed look into client acquisition strategies for growth focused law firms. More information on “How To Grow Your Law Firm” is available here