24/7 law firm marketing

Attracting law firm clients 24/7, 365 days per year

Many professional services firms lose potential clients because competitors respond more quickly to the initial enquiry. According to Harvard Business Review, a study of 2241 US businesses found that firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to have a meaningful interaction with the client than those that tried to contact the potential client even an hour later.*

Today, clients expect information at any hour of the day or night, and if they can’t obtain the information from you, they will seek it elsewhere. For example, a potential client may be up at 1am, worrying about how to claim compensation for a recent motor vehicle accident. They turn to Google and start searching. They land on your website and peruse yours services, your about us, meet the team and contact us pages, however they are needing more specific information to solve their problem, and so they move on to the next website.

Despite most of us being asleep at 1.00am, progressive firms are responding immediately, with highly relevant, specific and personalized information directly related to the potential clients enquiry and needs. How are they doing this?

This is all made possible by marketing automation.  

Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation helps you amplify your lead generation activities by automating time-consuming sales processes, creating personalised responses to enquiries and streamlining communications. In essence, marketing automation interacts and communicates with potential clients in a relevant, personalised and timely manner. 

To illustrate this, let’s have a look at an example.

A potential client has a problem and begins researching it on the internet. They conduct a Google search and a relevant link to one of your blog articles appears near the top of the results page. They click on the link and are taken to your article.

The article demonstrates your thorough understanding of their problem and answers many of their questions. It also raises additional questions for consideration. At the end of the article is an offer to access an eBook that provides even more comprehensive information and answers to the additional questions raised in the blog. The potential client simply provides their name and email address and the eBook is immediately emailed to them.

The potential client is delighted with the information they received and appreciative of the help, support and value you have provided. Your marketing system has recorded their contact details and distributed content that has been highly relevant and valuable to them. Much of the content has actually been sent is response to pages they viewed and actions they took on your website, as well as actions they took on your emails. The system now automatically emails them an invitation and link to schedule an initial telephone or face to face meeting, which they do without hesitation.

The above example demonstrates how marketing automation can help you increase authority and win clients with virtually no additional effort on your part, even whilst you sleep. The automation is cost effective, and most importantly, can result in new clients that you would never otherwise have obtained.

“How To Grow Your Law Firm” by Gerald Chait provides a detailed look into the client journey and marketing automation that law firms can utilise to help engage and onboard potential clients. More information on “How To Grow Your Law Firm” is available here.

* The findings originally came from a researcher at South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University.