Professional law firm marketing.

What is professional, ethical law firm marketing?

When a person or business needs legal advice and support, it is generally because they have a problem or issue that needs solving. It may simply be that they require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), or it may be more serious, such as a medical malpractice or family dispute. Whatever their issue, they require the services of an experienced lawyer to help them solve it.

They have a problem and it is likely that they don’t know whom to turn to for help, which can cause anxiety, stress and frustration. They need someone who will give them the confidence and reassurance that they’ll receive the right advice at the right price.

Professional, ethical marketing is about helping potential clients find you when they need you, allowing them to move through a process that gives them confidence that you are the right person or firm to help them solve their problem.

Professional law firm marketing continues beyond the lead acquisition and onboarding stages. It results in a client having a positive, delightful experience working with you, and ensures that when someone they know needs your services, they will sing your praises and recommend you without hesitation.

Implementing professional, ethical marketing will win you more clients by developing strong trusting relationships from the beginning. It will help your law firm become recognised as the highly reputable go-to firm in your particular field of expertise. When distilled to its lowest level, ethical marketing is about doing the right thing – being helpful, honest, transparent, non-manipulative, fair and compliant with legislation and the rules of relevant professional bodies. This creates strong customer engagement, trust and confidence.

Professional industries such as the legal profession once relied on referrals. Today, it is becoming harder to sustain or grow a business on referrals alone. It now requires law firms to pro-actively market and demonstrate their expertise. Once a potential client has found and interacted with you or your firm, they are more likely to engage your services.

Modern digital technologies such as websites, search engine optimisation (SEO), blogs, Google advertising and marketing automation make it efficient, easy and cost effective to employ strategies that enable potential clients to find you, develop trust and confidence in you and ultimately engage your services.

“How To Grow Your Law Firm” by Gerald Chait provides a detailed look into the communication strategies and messaging that law firms can utilise to help engage and onboard potential clients. More information on “How To Grow Your Law Firm” is available here.