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Why it’s important for law firms to understand the client journey.

Understanding the client journey is critical to growth and a successful law firm marketing strategy. 

The client journey is the process a potential client goes through from the time they first become aware they have a problem that needs to be solved, through to considering alternatives, deciding on which law firm to engage, and ultimately becoming a loyal client who refers other potential clients to the firm.

There is a common process that most buyers go through leading up to and post purchasing a product or service. It is usually suggested that the client journey consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, decision, however we believe a fourth stage, referral forms a critical component of a client journey.

The 4 stages are therefore:

  1. Awareness stage – the potential client becomes aware that they have a problem and undertakes research to understand their problem more fully.
  2. Consideration stage – the potential client understands their problem and is actively researching and comparing alternative solutions.
  3. Decision stage – the potential client has decided on the supplier and the approach they will take to solve their problem.
  4. Referral stage – whilst not often considered part of the client journey, this is an important stage in any marketing strategy. The referral stage comes about as a result of the client being so thrilled with the service and support they received that they refer you to others.

As a provider of professional legal services, it is important that you help potential clients move through each stage of the client journey by providing appropriate communications and content at each stage. Your messaging and content should help educate them on their problems and the solutions to those problems. In addition to delivering relevant content at each stage, there are also specific communications channels that are better suited to some stages than others.

The 7-Step Growth Blueprint is a proprietary framework that helps law firms the right information at the right time to potential clients moving through the client journey. By providing the right information at the right time, law firms can attract more clients, differentiate themselves and become even more in-demand.

Gerald Chait Strategic Marketing/Grow My Law Firm provides strategic consulting and masterclass workshops on the client journey and 7-Step Growth Blueprint. More information on the masterclass can be found here.  

Alternatively, the book How To Grow Your Law Firm by Gerald Chait provides a detailed look into the strategies that law firms can utilise at each stage of the client journey to help engage and onboard potential clients. More information on the book How To Grow Your Law Firm is available here.